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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is very important for any account,website,page or channel that you make.Every one must think about it seriously before making any website.Privacy policy of STOREOFPCGAMES.COM is about the information of the user that we may collect,maintain,use and disclose.We collect the information of the user visiting and commenting on our site.The purpose of collecting this information is to improve our site.Your feedback and comments on our posts help us a lot to improve.Your information also help us to respond to the needs of the individuals.In this way we can also improve the customer service.We use your comments on our articles to improve our content.


Apart from all this we try our best to protect the information of the users visiting our site.This information includes your name,age,ID,email etc.Thus we make you sure that any type of information collected will not be revealed to any other person,site or network.We completely protect your information by taking various safety measures.We adopt certain storage and processing practices along with the safe data collection methods to protect the information.In short we try to maintain high level security for our users.


Visitors on our site may also find certain ads and other content that links to the various other sites.Some ads represents our partners,suppliers,advertisers,licensors,sponsor and other third parties.Please note that we do not have any control on the content,images,videos and links appearing ton these sites and thus we are not responsible for bad practices of these websites.These sites possess their own system including their own privacy policy.We are not even responsible for the websites are linked to our site.


STOREOFPCGAMES.COM possesses the rights to change the privacy policy at any time.When we will do so we will notify the users about this update.We encourage the users to visit our privacy policy page frequently to know about the changes.You are also appreciated to help us protect the information that we collect.You agree that it is your responsibility to visit our privacy policy page to get yourself aware of the changes.


By using this site you agree to the policy and terms of services that are mentioned above.If you do not agree to any of the above the mentioned terms please contact us.If you donot want to tell us that do not use the site.If you are continuously visiting the site and following our posts then the changes in the policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes

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